I’m guessing you’ve also heard of content design and might be wondering what’s the difference between UX writing vs content design. The answer isn't actually that complicated...

Regarding what people actually do in their jobs, UX writing and content design are the same thing.

Today’s content designers were called UX writers way back in the days of 2021. This whole UX writing vs. content design thing is mostly UX writers rebranding themselves as content design because it better describes what we do.

Mike Stumpo, a content designer at Uber, wrote a nice piece on why their team rebranded to content design. He said, “UX Writers don’t just write, but that title leads people to think so.” Which is oh so true.

You might have also heard of “UX content,” which just refers to all types of UX content roles (UX content designer, UX writer, UX content strategist.) UX content also distinguishes content design and content strategy from their marketing counterparts by putting the handy “UX” in front.

Hope that sheds some light!

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Happy UX writing 🖖

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