You shouldn’t run a company if you don't know who you're selling to. Freelancing is no different.

You're running a freelance BUSINESS. And just like Walmart, you have revenue, expenses, and clients, orcustomers. What may separate you from Walmart right now is you might be open to all clients, while Walmart has a set customer they're targeting.

Walmart is and isn't for everyone. They cater to a certain crowd, as they should. From soccer moms to college students, by catering to a certain group of people, Walmart can build brand loyalty with people who gel with the Walmart get-up.

Appealing to specific customers helps Walmart seem distinct from Target and Amazon, even though it’s all same stuff, different store. Without a set customer to target, Walmart's marketing would be all over the place. That’s because, without an aim, where do you start?

Having a defined target client guides every business move you make, especially your marketing and personal brand.

You want to align on this early. Like right now.

What's a target client?

A target client is a generalized overview of your ideal customer, or client, in our case. It's not a specific IRL person, but a caricature inspired by many people that fit the mold of your client.

Everything starts with your target client. That’s because, not only are you selling to your target client, but your UX writing freelance business exists to solve your target client's problem. And if you aren’t deeply familiar with the inner-workings of your target customer, it’s gonna be pretty hard to sell your services.

Gimme an example

Imagine you’re a new parent. Raising a human is something super-scary and also brand-new to you, and you’re stressed about doing it “right.” And it’s a lot less glamorous than how Rachel Green made it look on Friends.

You’re shopping for baby stuff, and you land on two websites:

  1. Lalo
  2. Frida

Lalo has some pretty generic messaging. It doesn’t offend us or anything, but it doesn’t seem like it’s gonna make a big difference in our lives.

target customer example

Frida takes a different approach. By saying “boogers, butts, & beyond,” they totally get what life is like in this new world of parenting. And by covering us for “moments you won’t share on the ‘gram,” they know what problems we need solved — even to the specificity of using Instagram.

target customer example

You want to be like Frida — intimately know your target client, so when they land on your website, they’re nodding their heads, excited to learn more.

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