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Hi there — happy Monday ☀️

I hope your week is off to a great start. Me? It was full of surprises…

Like a new kitten 😻 Meet Daniel Jackson:

If you're a Stargate SG1 fan, yes, that Daniel Jackson. His original name was Baby Mario, which is also pretty dang good, but we've had “Daniel Jackson” picked out for years. Now, we're a two-cat household. At what point are you “officially” a cat person?

Work-wise, if you've been following my build diary, you know I have something pretty sweet in the works. And it's gonna be live in your email inbox in just a couple of weeks 💃

Introducing The Gig Gal Learning Membership – the fantastically-simple way for aspiring UX writers to learn UX writing and how to land a job on their timeline with lessons, templates, exercises, & feedback from yours truly.

In my experience helping people become UX writers, I found there are three critical components to learning that clicks:

  1. Examples
  2. Practice
  3. Feedback

And that's what I'm bringing to life with The Gig Gal Learning Membership. There are 50+ lessons with 200+ examples of both what to do and what not to do. And if you join the Architect's Edition 🖋, you gain access to 40 more lessons and 28+ templates and practices exercises that come with feedback from me, so you know if you're doing it “right.”  

The best part? I'll add lessons every single week, so you get what exists now and everything that comes in the future. And it all lives on, so there's no other site to remember to go to. Did I mention its lessons, templates, and exercises on UX writing + how to land a job, freelance or full-time?

The Gig Gal Learning Membership will go live in just a couple of weeks. If you want to be the first to know when it's live, put your name on the list.


We were on a day trip in Chicago, when we dropped everything to drive 3 hours to a town I'd never even heard of.

It was a race to see our dream house, and it ended up becoming ours 💞

We were happy campers for the first few months, but as 100-year-old houses do, it came with many more problems than we were expecting… like the roof being in such bad shape wasps were getting into the house.  

We found three roofers to come take a look. Our roof has a pretty high pitch, so we knew it was going to be a tricky job.

The first roofer was so-so. They seemed like they could do a good enough job, but for the price they wanted to charge, it didn't seem like the value was there.

The second roofer was awesome. They took a 3D scan of our roof to get the most precise measurements, told us exactly what to expect, and said they could complete our job in three days.

The third roofer was equally as awesome as the second.  They also took a 3D scan of our roof, told us exactly what to expect, and said they could complete our job in three days.

The only difference between the second and third roofer was the third roofer had worked on over 20 high-pitched roofs, while the second roofer had only worked on 5 high-pitched roofs.

It was a hard decision, but we decided to go with the third roofer solely because they had more experience working on high-pitched roofs. We felt confident both roofers would do an excellent job, but the third roofer's experience was too uncanny to pass up.

When you're interviewing for jobs, sometimes you're the second roofer. You did absolutely everything right, but you still didn't get the job. Both things can be true.

Sometimes it's not personal at all, and hiring teams have to make objective decisions.

Your call-to-action ⚡️

If you're in the position of the second roofer, be kind to yourself. If you don't get an offer, and the only reason is someone else had 5+ years of experience in a specific field, and you didn't, that's actually a win.

You were up against someone with a background that's so relevant it's uncanny. That's not a mark on your skill or promise as a UX writer — it's a mark on bad luck.

Positive feedback that comes with a rejection is still positive feedback. Take it to heart, and know that you're getting close to finally landing a job.

Liked story time? Hit reply, and let me know if I should keep doing 'em.


UXW#26: How to write body copy (with 18 examples)

Learn what body copy is, how it's used, and how to write it effectively as a UX writer with 18 example.

UXW#48: What's a good UX writing process? Start with this foundation

The best UX writing process is a UX writing process that works well for you. Learn where to start as a foundation.


I don't have a full build diary this week. Since 90+ lessons are written for the learning membership, I'm in site-building mode. Which means a lot of copy-pasting from Google Docs to the new website, editing, linking URLs, and technical nonsense. Which doesn't make for a very interesting entry…

So, instead, here's an updated sneak peek:

New here? Every week, I write in my “build diary” about the inner-workings of the program I'm building to help aspiring UX writers launch their careers. If you want to follow along, you can start from the beginning and read the first entry.


There are 3 ways I can help you…

  1. Work with me 1:1 to gain confidence and a game plan to help you land a UX writing or content design job, start a freelance biz, and anything in between
  2. Join The Learning Membership to learn UX writing and how to land a job on your timeline with 90+ lessons, 200+ examples, and 28+ templates & exercises with feedback from me
  3. Join The Launchpad waitlist to secure your spot in the program I'm building to help you launch your UX content career, from learning UXW to landing a job

Until next time…

Happy UX writing 🖖

Slater Katz
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