So… how does this work?

Meet The Learning Membership 🌻

The Gig Gal Learning Membership is the fanastically-simple way to become a UX writer.

Think of it like a subscription to everything you need to know to achieve your UX writing dreams. Learning UX writing, how to land a job, how to start a UX writing freelance biz — if ya need to know it, I'm covering it.

With The Learning Membership, you get the current knowledge base right here, right now, and since it's a subscription, you also get new lessons, exercises, frameworks, templates, and more every.single.week.

Kinda like Netflix or Hulu, but for your UX content career.

It's not a course 📘

There's no sign-in portal locking away all 90+ lessons. Instead, all lessons, exercises, frameworks, templates, and more live on

You can explore 50+ lessons for free, and if you join Architect's Edition, you unlock 40 more members-only lessons.

It's not a blog 💻

On a blog, things are posted all willy-nilly, and there's no order to things. Here, there's a chronological order to The Learning Membership lessons.

The Learning Membership works best when you start at UXW#1, and you're also fully empowered to choose your own adventure.

Also, unlike a blog, The Learning Membership is jam-packed with exercises, frameworks, templates, and other goodies.

Find the perfect place to start

On the right side of The Gig Gal, you'll see this hand Start here 👇 section:

Pick which ever goal you're after, and start there. Each Start here page lists every single lesson related to that goal, like this:

You can start from the beginning and go in order, or pick a starting point that feels good to you. The journey is yours 🤗

Here are those Start here 👇 pages if you wanna start right here, right now:

Got a topic in mind? 🔎

If there's a specific lesson you're looking for, there are two ways to find exactly what you need:

  1. Topics section
  2. Search

Topics section

You can access hot topics and every exercise, framework, and template by heading over to the Topics section on the right-hand side of The Gig Gal:

Just hit one of the topics, and you'll go to a page listing every lesson, exercise, framework, and template on the topic.

If you have something specific in mind, the search function works really well. Just hit the magnifying glass, type in your search, and the results magically appear:

Why can't I access everything?

Just like Spotify, there are different levels to The Learning Membership.

You can join The Learning Membership for free and get unlimited access to 50+ lessons. You can peruse every single free lesson right here.

If you want more, you can join Architect's Edition or Architect's Edition(+):

✏️ Architect's Edition:  

  • All 90+ in-depth lessons (free + members-only)
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Suggest new lessons
  • New lessons every week

✒️ Architect's Edition(+):  

  • All 90+ in-depth lessons (free + members-only)
  • 28+ exercises that come with personalized feedback from me
  • 11+ UX writing frameworks to make UX writing easy
  • Templates, scripts, & more, so you don't start from scratch
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Suggest new lessons
  • New lessons every week

If either of these two spark your interest, hit the button to learn much more:

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That's it in a nutshell 🥜

If you need anything, I'm an email away.

Happy UX writing 🖖

Slater (aka The Gig Gal)