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I'm Slater, and I’ll empower you to launch your UX writing career with confidence 🌟

slater katz

Let's face it — breaking into UX writing is hard

UX writing is like a different language, and imposter syndrome is all too real. On top of that, there are tons of aspiring UX writers competing for the same roles that all seem to “require” 3 – 5 years of UX writing experience. How the heck is someone supposed to find their spot in this incredibly-welcoming yet ever-exclusive field?

Answer: The Gig Gal 👇

The Gig Gal is your UX writing gal pal, here to make learning UX writing a piece of cake and landing a UX writing job easy-peasy 🌻

Who runs this ship? 🚢

slater katz

I'm Slater Katz, and I've 100% been in your shoes. In 2019, I was a laid-off copywriter with big UX writing dreams. I couldn't quite wrap my head around technical explanations of UX writing, and landing a UX writing job felt like a pipe dream.

But I buckled down, and within ~1.5 months, I taught myself enough about UX writing to be dangerous and landed my first official UX writing job with Fitbit. Since then, I've gone on to write UX copy for companies like Netflix, Chime, Afterpay, Verizon, Opendoor, and many more.

Now, I help aspiring UX writers build the careers of their dreams (and their wallets 💰) through fantastically-simple education that clicks.

Wanna learn from me? 👩🏻‍🏫

I've poured everything I know about UX writing and how to land a job into The Gig Gal Learning Membership the fantastically-simple way for aspiring UX writers to learn UX writing and land a job with lessons, templates, frameworks, exercises, & feedback from yours truly.

In my experience helping people become UX writers, there are 3 critical components to learning that clicks:

1. Examples

2. Practice

3. Feedback

And that's what I've brought to life with The Gig Gal Learning Membership.

The best part? I'll add new lessons every single week, so you get what exists now and everything that comes in the future.

Ready to join the party? 💃

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Every Monday morning, I'll email you fantastically-simple education, so you can learn UX writing, land a job, or go freelance 100% for free.

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